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Why Choose Us

The Utilies Company specialize in reducing cost of Utility bills for businesses, working with all Major national utility companies we provide the most competitive energy rates available in the market.

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Business Principles

We strive to deliver a premier client experience and maintain a 95% retention rate.  We have seen that if we provide excellent service to our clients, our own success will follow.

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The Utilites has been in the energy industry for more than 10 years, and is supported by a specialised team of dedicated professionals.Our team has negotiated agreements for customers in states all across UK.

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We Focus On Your Energy So You Can Focus On Your Business!


Due to the fact energy prices will rise each year, how would you as a business feel about saving money on your utility bills? Ask yourself the question; if making money is important for your business then how important is it your business saves money? One of the easiest ways to do this would be to keep a check each on your utility renewals..


The Natural Gas market has been deregulated for a number of years. It was only recently though, that the alternative suppliers have entered the market for SME’s.
When you switch natural gas, nothing changes. No new pipes or any equipment, you just sign a form and it’s switched. It’s as simple as that. Send us your bill and we will show you the different rates available from the alternative providers..


The telecoms set up for each business varies on the business operation set-up.
We understand this and have chosen our products to fit around your business need. We specialise in the SME market as we understand your needs the most. We have a wealth of experience in this field and if you would like to find out what is saving is available to you simply call 020 3793 9020 or fill out a form and one of our specialists will call you straight away.

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